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It is well worth it to dedicate a stay of many days to Tirana and its immediate surroundings. Albania’s capital is a multi-colored composition of neo-clacissical, Italian rationalistic, sovjet and contemporary modern architecture. Embedded into the urban image are the remnants of communist houses, monuments and statues that Tirana’s citizens view as a way of dealing with their communist past. A young and eager administration office continually works on improving the city’s infrastructure for pedestrians, cars and cyclists alike and the mayor himself can frequently be seen cycling from one appointment to another. We recommend that you take the time for a walking tour along the most important landmarks of the city during which you can always refuel in one of the many inviting cafes.

Tirana is infamous for its vibrant night life and a number one destination for young travelers. However, the very many different hotels ranging from low budget to luxuriously expensive offer accommodation for everyone. Additionally, you can make use of any service you imagine a big city to offer, shopping in malls or expensive boutiques, a visit to the SPA, a walk around the lake or lunch in the bustling quarter of Bllok. To dive a little deeper into Albanian history visit the beautiful National History Museum at Skanderbeg Square or embark on a trip to close by Kruje, Skanderbeg’s fortress. Furthermore, consider a day in nature to embellish journey and go for a hike on Tirana’s backyard Mountain Dajt. If you are not so keen on hiking you can take the cable care to Dajt and enjoy a stunning view over the entire region, during good weather even up to the Adriatic. While we suggest Dajt during broad day light, climbing the pyramid in the city center rewards you with a remarkable view at sunset.

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