Coast Saranda Riviera

The coastline in this selected destination are 200 km of numerous romantic beaches, adventurous caves, mediterranean villages, ancient churches, medieval castles, breathtaking natural monuments and many opportunities for various on land, in sky or water outdoor activities.
To round it all off, Albania’s Riviera even offers a vibrant nightlife on Dhermi beach that attracts party animals and terrifies everyone else.
One single trip might not be enough to explore it all but the different places we have chosen for you can make up a highly versatile holiday that will make days feel like weeks full of adventure.
However, in case you prefer quiet and relaxing family holidays, you need’t go anywhere else to create your perfect stay, that is the beauty of the Albanian Riviera – there is nothing you may not find here and something for everybody of every age and interest.

You can start of at its northern end by coming over the highway from Tirana and then Vlora or first land in the southern town of Saranda by coming from the inland from Gjirokastra or from the Greek island of Korfu by ferry.
The three islands of Ksamil in the South give you fine, sandy beaches whereas the rest of the coastline is made of white pebble stones – either way the water is magnificently clear and looks like a gigantic swimming pool.

Hikers may visit the Karaburun peninsula for the 2000m high Mount Çika that end of April is still snowcapped and later in the evening turn into swimmers when they continue their trip down onto one of the nearby beaches.
Canyoning in Gjipe, canoeing to deserted and otherwise unreachable beaches or paragliding from the Llogara pass down to Dhermi are just some of the many exciting adventures you can embark on.

Families might prefer cozy hotels with nearby beaches, crowded or less frequented – the Riviera has them all. And in case you do not want to miss out on a little bit of physical activity, we have also listed moderatey difficult hiking trails that include cultural points of interests, such as the Sopoti Castle in Borsh, as well.
An astonishing mountain panorama, delicious food, friendly people, breathtakingly beautiful sunsets and crystal clear water await.

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