Butrint UNESCO

An archeological site in the midst of breathtaking nature – that is what this is.

The blue of the sky melts into the blue of the waters of lake and sea and seems to take with it all artificial sound. Silence lingers on and around Butrint and even in the shade of the quietly rustling leaves.
You may listen to your own footsteps on the gravelly paths and the excited singing of crickets while you stroll to the next interesting feature on your tour.

The 3000 year old settlement was an important center for the Illyrian tribe of Kaonians and was repeatedly fought for by armies of Ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt because of its strategically excellent location.
As a visitor of today’s Butrint you can enjoy some history without having to leave the Mediterranean flair of the Riviera and escape the vibrant beaches of Ksamil or Saranda for a day trip to Albania’s southernmost region.

 After an insightful tour of ancient history you can enjoy a lunch with the infamously delicious mussels of Butrint’s Lake and refuel while enjoying a sensational view of brightly blazing colours of untouched nature.

Unesco Heritage Site
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