Berat is peaceful, romantic and medieval.

You meet history at every corner, every church or mosque and in every cobble stone beneath your feet. It is not for nothing that the UNESCO includes it in its world cultural heritage sites.
We recommend you make use of the services the guides at the ethnographic museum have to offer.
They can give you an elaborate tour through Berat’s family lives during the Ottoman era,
the handicrafts typical of the region and even through ancient times when life had not yet spread out of the walls of the castle that sits enthroned on the hill.

Said castle is recognized as one of Europe’s oldest continually inhabited fortresses and a stroll through its narrow and crooked winding alleys is something not to be missed.
From up there the view on the holy mountain Tomorr is excellent and truly magical at dusk when the light of the setting sun pours itself over the mountain crest and colours it pink.

The medieval quarter of Mangalem, directly beneath the fortress has the power to enchant every visitor with its white and cream-coloured cobblestones and the scent of numerous gigantic roses blooming everywhere.
The city was once home to hundreds of churches and mosques the ruins of which can be visited and whose artwork admired.

Berat has always been a city of peaceful religious co-existence. We especially recommend a visit to the church “Dormition of Saint Mary” in the Kala quarter, which is the Albanian name for fortress.
There you can find one of the very best maintained iconostasis in the entire world.

We suggest you take the city on slowly with time on your hands as there is not only much to see but a beautifully unique atmosphere to be soaked in to make this a trip not only into another city but also into another time.

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