Albania – The Hiddenland of Modern Europe

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Learn about culture, history and politics by listing to the audio files, while wandering throught the ancient cities and Unesco Cultural Heritage Sites Gjirokaster, Berat and Butrint.

The Travelapp-Albania provides information on points of interest on culture and nature, traditions and folk lore on Albania. You find restaurants, hotels, guesthouses and many other interesting points, which you can easly locate with your mobile phone or tablet using the GPS signal, which will lead you through the Hiddenland Albania.

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Our mission statement

We are dedicated to:

  • provide insights to tourists with authentic experiences and quality services with self-guided and guided tours for better understanding of the culture, customs, lifestyles, traditional knowledge and beliefs in Albania.

  • present relevant information regarding the touristic sites and points of interest as well as selected restaurants, hotels and other sites, easily locatable on the map. Our extensive research on this information allows us to present users with an all-in-one application offering a unique experience, verified, accurate information and quality-controlled facilities to save precious user time.

  • promote quality services and good value-for-money products from our partners recommended in the App. Partners are regularly evaluated by local staff and foreigners living in the country. We implement a random assessment of all partners annually. If you have any complaints, please feel free to contact us via e-mail or with our contact form on our website.

Limitations and Missing Information

The content of this application can never be complete. Too many secret places and landmarks are still to be discovered, described and illustrated. We apologize in advance for any missing parts and information.

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