Regular users of tablets and smartphone will easily understand the functions of the tap, by just trying out whatever is there. Nevertheless have we some instructions and hints to optimize your experience and have great joy from using the APP.

Getting started

Make sure your device is updated, before starting to install the Application.
Tap on Start button to view the map.

Sidebar menu (Slide in from left to right or tip on the three lines)

Tap on Menu to open the main menu on the left side of the screen. Or just slide it in with a finger from left side of the screen.
Tap on the preferred menu element to select and access the content.

Checkboxes in the side bar
Select/unselect the checkboxes to display/hide the respective category (Destinations, Landmarks, trails, tours and “more”) on the list.
Once you choose the destination, you will see checkboxes for e.g. Nature, Culture, etc.
Just check the information you want to access on the map.
If you want to go on a content list – you just press on the name of the “Point of interest” e.g. “Culture” (The list of content is only available if your online).

Pins and Icons on the map
Tapping on the icons in the map will display the title of the landmark on the bottom of the screen.
Press on “learn more” to access details
Audio files are available for points of interest on culture only.

List of POIs, restaurants, etc.
If you tap on the text of the side bar, you will be lead to the list of the respective chapters for the POIs, the restaurants and all the other subchapters.

Show in Map Icon
Once you access the details of a point of interest, you can use the “show in app – icon” on the top left of the screen to go back to the map.
Use the show in map icon on the top right, when you want to see, where a restaurant or a POI is located.

Adjust Volume

Adjust brightness of the display
For the outdoor use of your device, please adjust the brightness of your screen to maximum

GPS Navigation On
Turn on the location sharing (GPS) in the device settings to display your position in the map.
The blue point indicates your current positions. It will help you to find the next point of interest.