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DAIKA e.V. A small contribution - makes big eyes
DAIKA e.V., - Albanian Initiative for Children's Eyes e.V.

Bank account:
DAIKA e.V., VR Bank Tübingen eG
IBAN:__EN 03 6406 1854 0300 213000

Daika has been honoured several times for his voluntary commitment and has received several awards, e.g:

- Honorary Award “Echt Gut”- "A World in the Ländle" des Landes Baden-Württemberg
- Helper hearts (dm price)
- Invitation to the Federal President's Citizens' Festival at Schloss Bellevue

In 2016 the sisters of the mission station in Fushe-Arrez (partner of DIAKA e.V. ) received the Federal Cross of Merit of Germany.
!!! We hope that many of you will follow this call. !!!


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