1. These Terms and Conditions contain the contractual terms according to which Naccon GmbH offers the application download, installation and use of digital products from Google Play and Apple Store. By choosing to download and install the application you accept these Terms and Conditions whereupon these Terms and Conditions will be legally binding on you. If you do not accept these terms you must not continue with the download.

1.1. Any walks which you take (whether on foot or by a means of transport) using our application, are undertaken entirely at your own risk. Naccon GmbH does not accept any responsibility for your personal safety, or for any loss or damage which you may suffer whilst using the application.

1.2. Users must remain stationary whilst listening to the audio guides and switch off their player and remove their headphones when moving. We do not accept responsibility for the hazards encountered whilst walking. Naccon GmbH does not accept responsibility for any changes to the walk environment due to planning changes, changes in rights of way, building work, highway work or other obstructions and hazards temporary or otherwise, or inaccuracies in maps, audio, video, right-of-access information, disabled access, admission charges or opening times.

1.3. At no point along any route should the listener be walking and listening at the same time.

1.4. Each Point of Interest (POI) is indicated on the map. Additionally you may use the list of POIs to navigate through the POIs. The application includes the option to pause the player before setting off on your tour.

1.5. Please be responsibly aware of traffic while using the application. When crossing roads, use pedestrian crossings and pedestrian traffic lights correctly and only when permitted to do so. Always be aware of vehicles that may unexpectedly disobey red traffic lights and traffic safety regulations.

1.6. You are strongly advised to take out appropriate travel insurance before undertaking a tour.

1.7. We shall accept no liability towards you for any defect or failure of the applicaiton, if the defect or failure arises from any alteration made to the application by you or any third party as well as any breach by you of these terms or use of the application with incompatible hardware. Make sure that the latest software updates are installed on your device.

1.8. All information on the application is to the best of our knowledge correct at the time of recording. However we do not provide any assurance that you will be able to access all or any part of the indicated POIs, or any attractions or venues referred to in the application, due to the possibility of unexpected building works, natural desasters, route closures or control over pedestrian traffic by the authorities. Naccon GmbH tries to make sure all information contained in the application is correct but does not accept any liability for any error or omission.

1.9. Audio files cannot be distributed, published on websites or other file sharing sites, broadcast, or altered in any way without prior permission from Naccon GmbH .

1.10. The application may contain links to external sites. Naccon GmbH has included links to these sites to provide users with information and services they may find interesting. Naccon GmbH is not responsible for the content of these sites or pages or for anything provided by external sites. Naccon GmbH cannot be made liable for any costs arising from using mobile devices / smartphones in the online mode and roaming mode.

1.11. Naccon GmbH is not liable for any action you may take as a result of relying on any information provided in this application.