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APP Realisation
NACCON GmbH, Vor dem Kreuzberg 17, 72070 Tübingen,

in cooperation with Almotech – Mobile solutions and App development, Albania  

Images, graphs and figures


The text has been elaborated by our own staff and associated experts. We want to thank Cultural Heritage without Borders (CHWB) for the contribution of many of the texts for Gjirokaster

and Oliver Gilkes, for contributing text for Berat and Butrint cultural heritage sites.

Oliver Gilkes was Senior Research Associate of the Butrint Foundation for 14 years.
We recommend his publication for further reading Albania An Archaeological Guide by Gilkes, Oliver J. Nov-30-2012  

Some of the many individuals contributing were …

Thomas Wehinger (team leader, editor, author)

Erion Cuni (Software developer)
Erdjon Haxhia (local coordinator)
Jeta Zhitia (translator, editor, author)
Eglant Toragjini (GPS, App database) 
Ivi Xhufka
Eklid Jonuzi
Alida Jata
Dr. Kie Sanada (proof reading and content development)

Images, graphs and figures
NACCON GmbH, Tübingen, Germany  

Sound and Recording
Recording studio:___AM-PRODUCION
Sound Engineer:____Adrian Guri,  Moris Rama
English Speaker:____Anxhela Bardhyli
German Speaker:___Ivi Xhufka