Tirana is the world center of the Bektashi-Order, which originated in the 13th century. It is an Islamic religion, but differs from standard Islamic practices. Unlike in Islam, the Bektashi pray only in the evening during the Cem (pronounced ‘Djam’ – an Arabic word for assembly). It is a rite in which women and men sing together and are accompanied by a stringed instrument, the saz. The faithful dance and stretch out their hands to god. 

I have gathered together some quotes that attributed to the founder of this order, Hadji Bektash, which reflect the tolerant fundamental position of this religious community: 

"Seek and find." 
"Do not forget that your enemy is a human being as well" 
"Teach the women!" 
"Do not criticize nobody and no nation!" 
"Take responsibility for your words, deeds, and your morality."

A Yesterday and Today