A Entry and Travel to Albania

Entry to Albania – No Visa needed

European citicizens can enter Albania with a valid ID-card or a vailid passport as tourists.
Only if you stay for longer than three months or if you plan to take up any work, you need to apply for a working Visa or a residential Visa.

Travel to Albania

All roads lead to “Albania” – at some point. From central Europe you either pass through Slovenia, Coratia, BiH and Montenegro along the coast to finally reach Shkodra, the northest city of Albania.
The other route, with much more motorways leads you through Serbia and North Macedonia or Kosovo. If you pass through Macedonia, you enter Albania at the Ohrid lake.
Albania is just a little closer to Europe than Greece. 
From Italy most convenient are the ferries from Bari and Ancona. They leave every day and arrive the next day. You spend a night on the ferry with a nice brice around your head or sleeping in a cosy cabin under deck.

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